Nana’s at the Airport – Again                                                                                                                      

Our son and oldest granddaughter were picking us up at the airport. We had been looking forward to spending time with our granddaughters. I couldn’t wait to get off the plane and out of the terminal. I spotted our son and granddaughter patiently waiting along with all the other people who had come to meet family and friends. It wasn’t long our Granddaughter saw us. She was wiggling with excitement. I probably was as well. We couldn’t wait to hug each other. We got our luggage and piled into the car. PopPop was in the back seat with our granddaughter. They were having a lovely conversation about her plans for us in the coming week. Then I overheard our granddaughter ask my husband, “Do you and Nana live in the clouds?”

I looked at my son, “What’s that about?”

“Well, every time she sees you, you are getting off a plane or on a plane.”

That was true. My husband and I travel a great deal for business. Our family had gotten together for weddings or vacations in various places, but it always required a plane ride to get there. I’m sure to a four-year-old it would appear as though Nana and PopPop lived in the clouds.

Spanning the Distance

At first, I felt a little sad. The distance between our homes is five hours flying time. The expense for a family of five to travel to our home is one thing. But traveling with three small children can be an adventure, to say the least. It was easier for us to visit them. For that reason, my four-year old granddaughter had never been to our home. I had taken her on a tour of our home on one of our marathon iPad visits. But, as my daughter-in-law said, “Your house could be in the clouds.” True enough. Again, technology confuses perception of reality. It must appear to our grandchildren as though Nana and PopPop arrive on a plane, play for a while. Then leave on a plane and reappear on an iPad.

Wait, We’re Magic!

I brooded over this living in the clouds thing until I suddenly realized – PopPop and I are magic!

I decided this was an opportunity for her to learn about the world and geography. We bought our granddaughter a globe for Christmas. Everywhere we went, we bought post cards and sent them to her. Her Mommy and Daddy would show her on the globe where the post card was from. Paris, London, Barcelona, Boston, San Francisco, she received post cards from wherever we were in the world. When time zones allowed, we would FaceTime with her. We could show her the view from our hotel room and describe the sights we saw, the food we had eaten, the people we met.

The World is a Big and Wonderful Place

We have sparked in our granddaughters the realization that the world is very big and full of wonderful places and people. We have had the opportunity to share a part of our lives with our granddaughters that they might not have ever known about, if not for that innocent question.

We have visited them multiple times since then. Best of all, our Granddaughters have been to our home and I made sure there was plenty of magic. After all, Nana and PopPop have an image to live up to. But that’s another blog.