My eight-year-old granddaughter lives halfway across the country. We do not get to be with each other as often as we would like. However, technology has made communicating with my granddaughter much more rewarding. I discovered The Big Life Journal which is a journal designed to inspire a growth mindset in grade school children. Since it is to be used with an adult journal buddy, once a week my granddaughter and I connect on Facetime and journal together. The journal asks questions and inspires conversation through stories, poems and pictures and has inspired great conversations with my granddaughter. We both look forward to our special time together and I am always amazed by my granddaughter’s thoughts and ideas, but last week’s conversation was most enlightening.

The Big Life Question

The Big Life question was, if there was one thing that you could change in the world what would it be? It did not take my granddaughter long and she knew immediately what she would change. “I wish boys would stop making fun of girls. Boys think they are better than girls. I just want them to know girls are as good as boys and treat us as equals.”

I remembered thinking the same thing when I was her age. We evidently haven’t made much progress in this area. “Are boys still doing that,” I asked?

“Yes. They make fun of us and act like girls are dumb and can’t do anything.”

Equality or Respect?

“Well, this has been a problem for as long as there have been boys and girls,” I replied. “I agree with you. Boys should stop picking on the girls, but not because girls are equal. I would much rather have the boy’s respect me for what I bring to the table.”

My granddaughter’s face told me she wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

“Tell me, my dear, do you really want to do all the things that boys like to do?” I asked.

 “No! They like doing some really icky things!” My granddaughter was holding her nose.

“Exactly! Like changing the oil in the car,” I said. “I could do it, but I don’t want to. That’s what PopPop is good at and I respect that he does that for me. On the other hand, I’m good at organizing and putting things away so we can find them later and PopPop respects that I do that for him,” I smiled. “So, the next time the boys make fun of you, you might want to ask them, who do they need when they are sad or just need a hug?”

My granddaughter was looking at me with her question face again. “Who do we all go to when we are down or feeling bad?” I prompted.

 “Our Moms.” A big smile spread across my granddaughter’s face. “And those boys wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for their Moms!”

I would like to thank Big Life Journal for inspiring that conversation and Facetime for allowing me to see my granddaughter’s face. For more information about The Big Life Journal go to