Sleep is a necessity. It’s all over the news. Seven to eight hours per night is the recommended number of hours required for an adult to maintain a healthy mind and body. However, once we have children sleep becomes a luxury. Sleep is something parents long for and eventually forget how to do. It is amazing how well we function on little or no sleep… or, so we think.

My daughter-in-law called

“Hello, sweaty! How are you?”

After a few pleasantries my daughter-in-law says, “Addy Bug has been having bad dreams. They wake her up in the night and she has been having trouble going back to sleep.”

Trying to be understanding I say, “That is so difficult. What does she dream about?”

Well, last night she said there were snakes under her bed.”

“That is a common childhood dream,” I respond.

“Yes. Do you know what your son asked her?”

Oh dear. Historically, conversations that start with the words, your son, do not end well. Where was this conversation going? “My son? What did he do?”

“He asked Addy Bug, if she thought he would be standing in her room if there were snakes under her bed! He said that’s what you asked him when he was a child and thought there were snaked under his bed!”

“Well, I might have said that. Tell me, what did Addy Bug say to her Daddy?”

“Nothing. She went back to sleep. Genius! Pure genius! We all got back to sleep and slept through the rest of the night!  I just wanted call and say thank you!”

That conversation took an unexpected turn! Gratefully I say, “I’m not a genius. However, I have learned sleep deprivation can be the mother of invention. It has inspired me many times over the years. Hope you sleep well tonight. Love you, bye, bye.”