Grandparents are not born. They develop over time. Marinated in experience and love. Grandparents have had the opportunity to learn and relearn life’s lessons over the years. First as a child then parent and if so blessed, grandparent. Bring Up Nana is a resource for parents and grandparents who are looking for opportunities to create meaningful communication between the generations.

Jean Yarger has been an elementary and middle school teacher, business owner, entrepreneur, wife, parent, and now grandparent. She is an avid gardener and enjoys watching the wildlife in her garden. When grandchildren arrived, she related stories about the creatures in her garden, their daddy when he was a boy and about their great and great, great grandparents. She became the bridge between the generations and realized the need for parents and grandparents to share our experiences and create opportunities for meaningful communication that will inspire the next generation.


A Big Life Question

A Big Life Question

The Big Life Journal inspired a big life conversation with my 8-year-old granddaughter about why boys think they are better than girls and the difference between equality and respect.

Preparing  Children For Life

Preparing Children For Life

People are a work in progress. Our parents prepare us to take responsibility for our lives. Then we spend the rest of our lives learning from experience and trying to do the best we can. Becoming a parent is one of those life experiences. Probably one of the biggest....