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You’re Going to Be a Grandparent!

I, for one, had not given much thought to becoming a grandmother. So, I was caught off guard and not sure how I felt about this news. I knew I was of that age. I had friends who were grandparents. According to them, grand parenting was the best thing that ever happened to them. Not only that, their grandchildren were the most amazing children on the face of the earth. Other friends wanted desperately to become grandparents, but their children were not cooperating. I on the other hand, just did not see the appeal. I had gotten use to the empty nest and was enjoying the quiet. Besides, it wasn’t something I had any control over.  I understood the circle of life, that someday my children might have children. But that was some day, out there, in the future. I guess I don’t adjust to change very well. If I like the moment I’m in, I would prefer to stay there awhile. I enjoyed being a mother. But the time went by too fast. Life became a series of events for which I was not prepared and passed too quickly. It frustrated me that there was never enough time to savor the moment.

I was still struggling with the grandmother title when our son called. He had just witnessed the miracle of his daughter’s birth, a life changing event that we now shared and I discovered how important and rewarding grand-parenting can be.

Interviewing A Grandparent

My fourth grade Granddaughter had been given the assignment of interviewing a Grandparent. Out of four living grandparents and one great grandparent she chose me. I felt honored. It reminded me of when I was in fourth grade and given the same assignment. I chose to...

I Wake Up Slowly

I wake up slowly and becoming a Mom did not change that. Waking up slowly is not a good trait for a Mom, or a Nana. It can get a person into all kinds of trouble, but the worst was the night I tried to flush my son.

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