Bridging the Generations

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Preparing Children For Life

People are a work in progress. Our parents prepare us to take responsibility for our lives. Then we spend the rest of our lives learning from experience and trying to do the best we can. Becoming a parent is one of those life experiences. Probably one of the biggest....

May Your Holidays Be Loud and Boisterous!

It was loud and boisterous on a normal day when the kids lived at home. It seemed the house was in constant disarray. It felt as though I was always in a hurry. Hurry and get dressed. Get the boys ready. Get bathrooms cleaned, finish the laundry, pick-up the kids from school, get them to their after- school activities. Which reminds me. It seemed I was always going to the same places. Round and round I went, schools, piano lesson, boy scouts, soccer, grocery store, dentist, orthodontist. Get up the next day repeat. I used to joke, if I was going in a straight line I’d be somewhere. 

When It’s All About Me

I asked our son to set the table for dinner and a fight erupted. “Why do I have to set the table? You always ask me to set the table. Can’t he set the table?” Our oldest said while pointing to his little brother. With that, youngest son, thinking he needed to defend...

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