Bridging the Generations

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When It’s All About Me

I asked our son to set the table for dinner and a fight erupted. “Why do I have to set the table? You always ask me to set the table. Can’t he set the table?” Our oldest said while pointing to his little brother. With that, youngest son, thinking he needed to defend...

Parenting With Love, Logic and Patience

Love happens the moment you are told you are going to be a parent. logic is what we need to teach our children and they are learning it by watching us. Patience is something parents learn. The earlier we learn it the better! Inspiration occurs when you are in the right place at just the right time to share a meaningful learning experience with your child.

When Your Son Is Superman

From the age of 2, until he went to kindergarten, our youngest wore a Superman cape. Not just once-in-a-while, but every day of his life, all day long and everywhere we went. Upon occasion he might switch it up and wear a batman shirt with his Superman cape. In my...

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